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Swelling Surgeries


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Swelling Surgeries

Cyst Excision in Thanjavur, Cysts are closed capsular or sac-like structures that may be filled with some material that can be semisolid, gaseous, or liquid. They can occur in tissue of any part of the body and can be of any size (microscopic to large).

Cysts are fluid- or air-filled sac-like structures that can appear anywhere in the body. They can be harmless and may not require any treatment. Or they can be chronic and may require surgery. Cysts cannot be self-diagnosed or removed by yourself.

Cyst removal surgery is performed under general anesthesia. If it is a serious one, then an incision is made by the surgeon near the cystic region for removal or drainage of the cyst. You can opt for cyst removal surgery in Thanjavur.


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